Hudson Cutler & Co
Ideas with Purpose



147 Wooster Street NYC 10012

We once worked at the big agencies of the past. We are now what we wanted them to be.

Hudson Cutler Executive Team (L-R: Shawn Amos, Irene Hong, Robert Dowling, Lavanya DJ)

Hudson Cutler Executive Team (L-R: Shawn Amos, Irene Hong, Robert Dowling, Lavanya DJ)

We are Hudson Cutler  — a fiercely agile, determinedly diverse, boutique communication agency committed to bringing ideas with purpose to forward-thinking companies.

We create ideas meant to solve business challenges. We then transform those ideas into different forms of communication that meet people where they live. 

We communicate the way the world speaks.

We are in the business of persuasion: through sustained, committed, charmed, creative effort. We hire for persuasion. We must persuade each other before we can persuade our clients. We must persuade our clients before we can persuade their audience. We must persuade ourselves before we can convince anyone else of anything at all. We pride ourselves on working with clients who are not easily persuaded. 

We believe in diversity: of thought, opinion, race, gender, circumstance. Monoliths are not persuasive. Diversity breeds both the discomfort and discontent needed for emotionally honest conversation. Diversity shines a light on all corners of the landscape. We believe that we live in a world that is simultaneously more segregated and interwoven than ever before. We believe that our ability to communicate effectively begins by building a business that looks like the society around us.

We always begin with the same question: what is the problem we need to solve? 

Once we answer that question, we begin the search for ideas. Ideas with purpose.

An ‘idea with purpose’ effects change. It’s an idea that transforms businesses, alters perceptions, creates allegiances, builds a following. This how is we define purpose — born in response to an urgent need. An idea transformed into a something unavoidable, unforgettable, unrelentingly persuasive. 

We believe new ideas are the only thing worth chasing. Ideas are life. But ideas alone will not move mountains. Ideas without purpose are self-serving. We are not here to entertain ourselves nor feed our egos. We are here to solve problems. We believe in ideas moored to the reality of the world in which they must live.

We believe a commitment to persuasive communication equals a complete lack of allegiance to any one outcome. Print, digital, social, broadcast, live, event, display, real-time, time-shifted. This is the way the world speaks. An idea with purpose is one that marries itself to the right vehicle for delivery. It often places technology at the center. Every idea rides a different wave to the shore. 

We are Hudson Cutler. A curious group of contrasting creatives dedicated to ideas with purpose.