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Launch New Things

Launching new things — products, initiatives, even companies — is one of the greatest business challenges. You have one opportunity to rise above the noise of the marketplace, make a first impression and capture imaginations. And every second counts.

  • Understand your audience and the context in which they operate
  • Know how you can fit in with that
  • Find a unique opportunity to connect with them
  • Do so with an idea that is compelling enough to ensure engagement
  • Carefully nurture into a long, deep and meaningful relationship

Compete for Talent, Customers & Your Share of Voice

Competition in business is fierce – but it’s no longer about doing the same thing better, faster or cheaper. Today, your constituencies expect you to be different, more compelling, and personal.

  • Develop a competitive positioning that is relevant, authentic and powerful
  • Show it (visually), tell it (across your network), protect it (from imitators)
  • Bring it to life with an idea that captures the attention of the industry
  • Ensure your entire ecosystem can participate (including competitors)
  • Keep moving to stay a step ahead

Embrace Change

Change is not something to be feared or avoided or girded against. It is an opportunity for growth, learning and improvement. We must embrace change, deal with it and put it to good use.

  • Understand the evolving needs and wants of your target audiences
  • Promote an environment that is innovative, flexible and fearless
  • Employ transformative ideas to challenge the status quo
  • Create the world you want to live in

Grow Or Perish

There is no greater business challenge than sustained growth. Achieving it requires a combination of smarts, planning and grit. Many fail. But those who pull it off are rewarded by a powerful engine that is as hard to stop as it was to start.

  • Find your place, audience, market - and own it
  • Identify adjacencies scientifically and opportunistically
  • Tell a story and retell it many times, in many different voices
  • Use the power of breakthrough ideas to create momentum
  • Understand what the numbers are telling and act accordingly

Contribute What Matters

It is possible to align individuals, communities and businesses in the service of something that matters to all, creates shared value and makes a difference — it’s just really, really hard.   

  • Develop a filter that allows you to say “no” until you get to yes
  • Move from negotiation to collaboration
  • Create an idea that is bigger than the participants
  • Let go of it
  • Be accountable