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Industry Watch: November 14, 2017

Social Media / Messaging Apps

Snapchat's latest feature converts its lenses and filters into shopping vehicles — and fixes its biggest flaw to date | Business Insider

Facebook announces merging of Messenger Day and Facebook Stories, adds new Stories tools | Social Media Today

New, free Twitter app provides assessment of performance and highlights opportunities | Social Media Today

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

One year in: What the New York Times learned from its 360-degree video project, The Daily 360 | Digiday

Facebook’s charm offensive for AR advertisers gains speed | Digiday

Thanks to AR, discoverability has become even harder in the Apple App Store | Digiday

MAC Cosmetics rolls out in-store AR 'try on' mirror | MarketingDive

How Mountain Dew is experimenting with 360-degree video | Digiday

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

The 5 kinds of YouTube videos that drive shopping behavior | AdWeek

How Crunchyroll is helping build a bundle for niche streaming channels | Digiday

Smosh’s new social media-fueled series is a panel show for the YouTube generation | TubeFilter

Bill Murray and his brother are going on a baseball road trip on Facebook Watch | TubeFilter

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming

Apple Watch Series 3 propels company back into wearables lead | VentureBeat

The Dow Jones news app that lets Arianna Huffington & Richard Branson pick what you read | The Drum

Lionsgate’s Chrome extension turns abusive Facebook and Twitter comments positive | AdWeek

Branding / Marketing / Advertising

IAB research demonstrates word-of-mouth marketing opportunity for brands among OTT audiences | The Drum

The death knell for the bricks-and-mortar store? Not yet | The New York Times

Digital content apps show sharp revenue gains | eMarketer

Why marketers should care about identity resolution: your customers have many faces | MarketingProfs

Interactive Reddit ad asks whole community to help robot out | AdAge

Why brand advertisers are shifting to attention-based metrics | The Drum

What makes consumers loyal to brands? | MarketingProfs

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