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Industry Watch: November 15, 2017

Social Media / Messaging Apps

Is LinkedIn planning to kill off LinkedIn Groups? | Social Media Today

The 6 benefits and risks of Instagram Stories | Social Media Today

Snapchat's new test: Grow like Facebook, without the baggage | The New York Times

What SME marketers need to know about Twitter Promote Mode | Econsultancy

Twitter ramps up data business as ad revenue stalls | MarketingDive

Snapchat’s new SportsCenter show is missing something important: Actual NFL highlights | Recode

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

Mountain Dew's 360-degree video teaser drives 63% completion rate | MarketingDive

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

Scoop: Bloomberg expects eight figures for new Twitter network | Axois

Chevrolet scores with Twitter talk show and soccer sponsor | AdAge

What I learned from YouTube’s viewers research | The Drum

Creators are excited about Rize, YouNow’s new cryptocurrency-based live streaming app (and they say their fans should be, too) | TubeFilter

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming

Tech companies need to improve their voice assistants to make them inclusive for all users | AdWeek

Pinterest just introduced its take on QR codes | AdWeek

This app mines cryptocurrency on your computer–and then donates it | FastCoDesign

Indola's #SimplySmarter instantly connects stylists to how-tos | TrendHunter

AI, captain: what Forrester sees making or breaking businesses in 2018 | BrandChannel

If you're not taking voice seriously, your competitor is | AdAge

Study: Chatbots deliver 25M coupons this year | MobileMarketer

Allstate partners with Waze on roadside help for drivers | MobileMarketer

Branding / Marketing / Advertising

BuzzFeed now has 19 people writing commerce content | Digiday

After Keurig faces social media backlash, brands need to get smart about advertising and politics | Econsultancy

Six reasons to hire your audience: the benefits of UGC | MarketingProfs

Zotos beauty brand increases store visits 20% with location-based campaign | MobileMarketer

Here’s how YouTube TV’s groundbreaking, but controversial World Series partnership paid off | AdWeek

An alien falls to Earth in the Spanish Lottery’s lovely 18-minute Christmas ad for 2017 | AdWeek

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