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Industry Watch: November 3, 2017

Social Media / Messaging Apps

How Argos will avoid social media embarrassment with risky personalised Christmas ad | The Drum

The social media bot problem, and how the latest investigation is bringing it into focus | SocialMediaToday

These students built the anti-bot algorithm Twitter desperately needs | FastCoDesign

A close up look at Maybelline’s brow-raising success with visual content on social media | Econsultancy

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

New ‘Star Wars’ VR experience from ILMxLab to debut in ... car dealerships | Road to VR

Ben & Jerry’s created a Facebook AR filter that challenges you to catch marshmallows in your mouth | AdWeek

Snapchat joins the great burger debate, launches an AR dancing burger | DesignTAXI

More than 18 million people watched Bacardi’s music video Snapchat Lens With Major Lazer | AdWeek

Amazon brings augmented reality product previews to iOS app | Road To VR

Apple CEO, declaring AR 'mainstream,' positions company as market leader | MarketingDive

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

How these brands responded to currents events on Facebook with video | SocialMediaToday

Netflix's 'Stranger Things 2' watched by 4M in 3 days | AdAge

Signs that Facebook food videos are losing their luster | Digiday

Video publishers on what happens after Facebook stops subsidizing video content | Digiday

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming

Marketing AI: It’s time for trust and transparency | MarTechToday

Google’s AI thinks this turtle looks like a gun, which is a problem | The Verge

Holiday shoppers slow to embrace chatbots, robots | MobileMarketer

Sony’s ‘Aibo’ robot dog makes a comeback, now more lifelike and with AI | DesignTAXI

New wearable device interacts with fans at live events | SpringWise

Amazon takes a step toward cryptocurrency | RetailDive

Alexa snags Oprah for 'favorite things' shopping experience | MobileMarketer

Branding / Marketing / Advertising

Ikea’s ingenious pre-roll ads turn the viewer into a voyeur | Tubefilter

‘It’s not the silver bullet’: Media buyers see limits on the impact of ads.txt | Digiday

Cheatsheet: What you need to know about influencer fraud | Digiday

Audience Strategist: The new, critical role on your content team | ContentMarketingInstitute

Advanced real-time analytics will get you the answers that Google analytics can't | MarketingProfs

6 ways manufacturing marketers can improve their content marketing [new research] | ContentMarketingInstitute

A B2B lead gen case study: Which channels achieve the most qualified leads? | Econsultancy

And Also ...

Inside the great poop emoji feud | Buzzfeed

Audible’s new feature lets you skip right to the most erotic part of romance novels | Quartz

If your vibrator is hacked, is it a sex crime? | Gizmodo

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