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Industry Watch: December 5, 2017

Social Media / Messaging Apps

Pinterest rolls out chatbot, native features for Facebook’s Messenger | MarketingLand

Save your Instagram Stories forever with Story Highlights | Wired

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

Syfy gets ‘Happy’ on augmented reality | BrandChannel

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

YouTube will have 10,000 humans working to purge questionable content in 2018 | TubeFilter

YouTube CEO To creators: We’re going to be better about demonetization | TubeFilter

Report: Facebook is ready to invest billions in sports | MarketingDive

Pivot to nowhere: The once-vibrant market for digital video series has deteriorated | Digiday

Flight to quality takes hold in end-of-year video ad spending, pushing up prices | Digiday

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming

Amazon's Alexa can now help you to play Activision Destiny 2 in campaign by AKQA | Creativity Online

Voice assistants are big (and annoying) this holiday season | AdAge

Artificial intelligence is on a crash course with AR and VR. Here’s what it means for marketers | AdWeek

Streaming-first consumers erode cable TV's dominance | eMarketer

Blockchain could be the technology enabler that brings the publisher closer to the advertiser | The Drum

Pro video gaming is exploding in popularity, and Activision created an Overwatch League to cash in | AdWeek

Digital voice assistants prove they are not just gimmicks | eMarketer

Infographic: How marketers think AI is going to affect the industry | AdWeek

Branding / Marketing / Advertising / SEO

Will Selena Gomez's Instagram army buy Coach handbags? | Bloomberg

2017 was the year digital ad spending finally beat TV | Recode

Education as a marketing strategy: 8 brands doing online classes and more | ContentMarketingInstitute

You can use this popular photo to make a meme, but make sure you have a license | DesignTAXI

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