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Industry Watch: September 12, 2017

Social Media / Messaging Apps

What Content Marketers Can Learn from China’s WeChat | NewwsCred

With Racial Slur, PewDiePie Sparks Renewed Fears About Creators on YouTube | AdAge

Now millennials are killing diamonds, so the industry is Instagramming | Digiday

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

YouCam teams with Nolcha for AR app during New York Fashion Week | MobileMarketer

Nevada entices tourists with VR road trip | MobileMarketer

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

How to make your B2B podcast stink less | MarketingDive

Apple News is experimenting with ‘featured video’ section | Digiday

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming

How AI Is Transforming the Shopping Experience Based on the Images Consumers Look at Online | AdWeek

Apple Explains How It’s Making Siri Smart Without Endangering User Privacy | FastCompany

Ritz Taste-Tests Branded Voice Activation On Amazon Echo | AdExchanger

How John Deere’s New AI Lab Is Designing Farm Equipment For A More Sustainable Future | FastCompany

Adobe Wants to Bring Digital Marketing to Your Car | Bloomberg

Someone Has to Feed the Chatbots | AdAge

How Adidas Cracked The Code Of 3D-Printed Shoes | FastCompany

Unilever's Marmite uses facial recognition to test consumer tastes | MobileMarketer

Branding / Marketing / Advertising

Infographic: The Influence of ‘Corpsumers’ Who Care as Much About a Brand’s Values as Its Products | AdWeek

7 Surprising consumer insights we uncovered with social data | Marketing Dive

Why Color Psychology is Key to Digital Marketing | Footwear News

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Creating music by mind power | New Atlas

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