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Industry Watch: January 16, 2018

Social Media / Messaging Apps

Here's BuzzFeed's perfect response to Facebook's changes | AdAge

Snapchat’s major redesign is ‘weird to use,’ gets scathing user reviews | DesignTAXI

‘A watershed moment’: Publishers find hope in a more rational post-Facebook media landscape | Digiday

‘Organic reach on Facebook is dead’: Advertisers expect price hikes after Facebook’s feed purge | Digiday

Diversification is the new black as publishers see the end to Facebook dependence | Digiday

Advertisers see merits of the Facebook algorithm change | Digiday

How brands can maintain a successful Facebook strategy after the algorithm change | Clickz

Facebook news feed changes will challenge publishers to stay relevant | AdExchanger

‘They’re saying, F publishers’: Media winners and losers of Facebook’s feed purge | Digiday

Chasing scale, Instagram influencer networks cut corners | Digiday

Study: Instagram influencer marketing jumped 198% in 2017 | MobileMarketer

Facebook's Messenger wants to embrace marketers | MobileMarketer

What MoonPie's social strategies can teach brands about engaging with fans | Social Media Tiday

eMarketer unveils latest wordwide social users estimates | eMarketer

What’s next for WeChat in 2018? | Econsultancy

Steak-umm finally gets Twitter verified, but is still mad as hell and not going to take it anymore | AdWeek

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

How marketers can tap into consumers' growing demand for video content | MarketingDive

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming / Voice

Smashbox is going all in for its first chatbot | The Drum

As voice continues its rise, marketers are turning to sonic branding | AdWeek

US smart speaker adoption rates soar, leapfrogging both phones and tablets | The Drum

Our wedding chatbot | Chatbots Magazine

Amazon's Alexa could start giving out opinions | RetailDive

Branding / Marketing / Advertising / SEO

Where is the line between creepy and creative in advertising? | AdWeek

The art and science of marketing: Lessons from ING, GE, and Spotify | NewsCred

The brand-content preferences of different age groups | Marketing Profs

Looking to tech to stem physical retail's struggles | eMarketer

How brands' use of online celebrity influencers is maturing | The Drum

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