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Industry Watch: January 5, 2018

Social Media / Messaging Apps

WhatsApp saw a record-breaking 75 billion messages sent on New Year’s Eve | AdWeek

Facebook is testing the ability to cross-post Instagram Stories to WhatsApp status | SocialMediaToday

Facebook dark posts: Using the dark side of Facebook to boost conversions | KlientBoost

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

Dance piece uses VR to create immersive experience | SpringWise

The AR cloud will be bigger than search | Forbes

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

10 ways to make videos your customers can’t resist | ContentMarketingInstitute

YouTube star Logan Paul puts his vlog on hiatus as he takes time “to reflect” | TubeFilter

YouTube star Jake Paul quietly launches Edfluence, an online course that will help you become “Social Media Famous” (exclusive) | TubeFilter

Apple developing Reese Witherspoon and Peter Chernin-thriller ‘Are You Sleeping’ | TubeFilter

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming

Why brands should be ready for Alexa ads, despite what Amazon says | AdWeek

Nissin Cup Noodles packaging unlocks exclusive video game content | MarketingDive

Amazon cooks up Alexa-enabled microwave plan | RetailDive

Branding / Marketing / Advertising / SEO

Have 'socially shareable' brand experiences gone too far? | The Drum

For fashion brands, 2018 will be the year of the ‘influencer roster’ | Digiday

Optimizing for voice search and voice assistants: Four search tactics for 2018 | MarketingProfs

And also ...

How Google AMP beat Facebook Instant Articles | Digiday

How Airbnb is putting AMP at the core of its digital strategy | Clickz

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