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Industry Watch: February 6, 2018

Social Media / Messaging Apps

Posting to Facebook without paying is a waste of time | AdAge

More than half of Facebook Instant Articles partners may have abandoned it | CJR

Mercedes apologizes for Dalai Lama quote on Instagram | AdAge

Instagram gives brands new way to sell in 'Collection' ads | AdAge 

What Tide’s Super Bowl success can teach brands about social media strategy | AdWeek

How Facebook stole the news business | TechCrunch

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

Audi wants to turn its AR app into a personal showroom | Digiday

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

Facebook is planning a more direct assault on YouTube, sources say | CNBC

Report: Viacom plans to buy VidCon in push to court younger audiences | MarketingDive

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming / Voice / Blockchain

Kodak says scammers are already selling fake KodakCoins | AdAge

If workers slack off, the wristband will know. (And Amazon has a patent for it.) | New York Times

This chatbot will take your harassment claims to HR anonymously | FastCompany

Branding / Marketing / Advertising / Ecommerce / SEO

How Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox changes the movie marketing game | AdWeek

Understanding the B2B content marketing landscape | eMarketer

Road map to success: Resources to refresh your content marketing program | Content Marketing Institute

In mobile, Super Bowl marketers still struggle to think beyond the hashtag | AdWeek

And Also ...

Pornhub is banning AI-generated fake porn videos, says they're nonconsensual | Vice

How file sharing broke the Internet’s first forum | Vice

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