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Industry Watch: March 1, 2018

Social Media / Messaging Apps

What the Snapchat redesign means for marketers | SocialMediaToday

This menswear brand lost 10k Instagram followers over same-sex ads | FastCompany

Gap wins widespread praise for breastfeeding ad that’s an instant classic | AdWeek

12 Instagram background ideas for photos that get more likes | SocialMediaToday

Facebook ends the Explore Feed less than 4 months after its launch | MarketingLand

Only 4% of marketers are taking dark social seriously | Econsultancy

Vero is bad design – except for the one way it’s brilliant | FastCoDesign

Vero won’t be the new Instagram because Vero sucks | Mashable

Vero social media app surges in popularity | MobileMarketer

What is rising social app Vero – and should you be on it? | SocialMediaToday

Facebook still needs publishers - as demonstrated by two new updates | SocialMediaToday

Twitter’s new Bookmarks feature lets you save Tweets without having to like or retweet them | MarketingLand

Live by the algorithm, die by the algorithm: How LittleThings went from social publishing darling to shutting down | Digiday

Snapchat takes a flexible approach to how advertising is sold in its shows | Digiday

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

How Crayola drew up a winning UGC strategy with AR | MobileMarketer

Amazon's conversion-friendly AR view lands on Android | MarketingDive

Waymo's 360-degree video puts you in the backseat of a self-driving car | CreativityOnline

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

YouTube strikes InfoWars channel amid attempt to crack down on conspiratorial content | TubeFilter

YouTube rolls out new chat replay, automatic captions & more for live streaming videos | MarketingLand

YouTube’s brand-safety efforts are forcing YouTube networks to cut small channels | Digiday

Netflix CFO: We’re going to have 700 original programs on our platform in 2018 | TubeFilter

How to maximize your reach with video SEO | MarketingProfs

Facebook Live usage among previously-paid publishers declined by more than 50% in 2017 | TubeFilter

After some pushback, YouTube finally bans neo-Nazi group | TubeFilter

Despite subsidies disappearing, some publishers see hope for Facebook Live post-algorithm change | Digiday

How a winery crushed its content marketing with video | ContentMarketingInstitute

Top 3% of YouTube creators received 90% of sitewide views in 2016 | TubeFilter

YouTube's new moderators mistakenly pull right-wing channels | AdAge

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming / Voice / Blockchain

Many consumers are still on the fence with facial recognition | eMarketer

Pokémon fans can now chat with Pikachu on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant | MobileMarketer

Emirates brings a chatbot to banner ads | Digiday

Even at a gadget conference, messaging and voice are making their mark | AdWeek

Study: Voice shopping will surge 1900% by 2022 | MobileMarketer

Mastercard pilots QR payments bot on Messenger | MobileMarketer

Push notifications are rising: Here's four examples of brands using them well | Econsultancy

Brands' voices may be muffled on Amazon Echo | eMarketer

Branding / Marketing / Advertising / Ecommerce / SEO

Tinder starts campaign to create interracial couple emojis | AdAge

How companies scour our digital lives for clues to our health | New York Times

With the rise of self-care apps, here’s how marketers can respectfully join the space | AdWeek

Shrinking content budgets drive the need for content intelligence | SocialMediaToday

Generation-C gives rise to the Age of Assistance | Clickz

NRA boycott shows why brand values are a vital marketing strategy | FastCompany

Is activist advertising the new frontier? | MarketingDive

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