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Industry Watch: March 9, 2018

Social Media / Messaging Apps

Hearst now has both Seventeen and Cosmo on up-and-coming app | Digiday

3 ways businesses can utilize Twitter's new "Bookmarks" feature | SocialMediaToday

9 key elements of an effective social media marketing strategy, and how to establish them | SocialMediaToday

Over sharing | AdAge

Social commerce continues to evolve | eMarketer

How social metrics can lure brands into a repetitive rut | AdWeek

Twitter says it is taking measures to prevent crypto scams | AdAge

Collateral damage from Facebook’s news-feed changes begins to pile up | Digiday

Is social media encouraging brands to become more political? | MarketingDive

Facebook’s branded content program loses its luster | Digiday

How Under Armour makes its Snapchat ads in 5 seconds or less | AdWeek

‘Facebook or bust’: Facebook publisher Attn stands its ground after news-feed change | Digiday

Twitter's getting serious about its bot problem – which is good news for social media marketers | SocialMediaToday

5 ways Facebook Groups can help marketers weather reach declines | SocialMediaToday

Instagram strategies for 2018: Social media content marketing | NewsCred

Latest Pew research data shows Snapchat continues to maintain hold on younger audiences | SocialMediaToday

3 brands who sell their culture through social media storytelling | SocialMediaToday

Facebook's testing out voice clips as a status update option | SocialMediaToday

Trendy Allbirds brand sells special shoe collection only on Instagram | MobileMarketer

Why Snapchat won’t listen to user complaints about its redesign | Digiday

Facebook publishes new research on how to create effective Instagram Stories ads | SocialMediaToday

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

Artists protest elite art world with unauthorized AR gallery at the MoMA | Gizmodo

How brands like Audi and Pez are winning the AR game | AdWeek

Snapchat is stuck in the uncanny valley of AR glasses | TechCrunch

Say cheese! Cheetos debuts AR app at SXSW | MobileMarketer

Barneys wants to tell a memorable story with VR, fashion and dance | AdWeek

Jaguar, EasyJet test self-service 360-degree ads | MobileMarketer

Power Rangers kicks off anniversary push with browser-based AR ads | MobileMarketer

Barneys launches in-store VR experience for spring campaign | MobileMarketer

Nickelodeon brings AR to 2 mobile apps | MobileMarketer

I was a VR Skeptic just like you. Here’s what brought me around | AdWeek

Brands are finally embracing augmented reality, but not without speed bumps | AdWeek

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

Ready to go live? All you need to know now | Content Marketing Institute

Tough Mudder’s Facebook Watch shows average nearly 500K views | Digiday

Could soap-cutting videos be the successor to YouTube’s massive slime craze? | TubeFilter

Facebook is making moves to improve the quality of Watch video programming | Digiday

Kim Kardashian West's celebrity kid prank show lands on Facebook Watch | MobileMarketer

The rise of voice technologies means new opportunities for podcasting | MarTechToday

Insights: Stuck between YouTube and a hard place, being an influencer is tougher than ever | TubeFilter

Report: Just under 400 brands ran video ads on Snapchat Discover channels in past 3 months | MarketingLand

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming

How brands are leveraging the cryptocurrency hype | Clickz

Will the iPhone X mark the spot where mobile marketing changes? | MobileMarketer

At Stanford, I peeked into the future of wearable design – roving robots included | Wareable

6 takeaways from the ClickZ Blockchain Marketing Forum | Clickz

How HQ Trivia is inspiring a new on-demand viewing model for apps | AdWeek

‘Alexa, how can podcasters make money from voice assistants?’ | Wall Street Journal

Eight things your chatbot should never do | Econsultancy

How new technologies will affect your marketing strategy | Clickz

Esports has grown thanks to a mix of ardent fans, live events and smart brand integrations | AdWeek

The Boston Celtics are using esports to keep fans engaged, and attract new ones | AdWeek

Branding / Marketing / Advertising / SEO

BuzzSumo publishes new report on key content trends to be aware of in 2018 | SocialMediaToday

Why content is getting fewer shares on social networks | MarketingProfs

L2: Olay boosts engagement 20% with influencer skincare challenge | MobileMarketer

Micro-influencer or brand ambassador: which offers the bigger payoff? | MobileMarketer

This company came up with a score to measure an influencer’s reach | AdWeek

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