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Industry Watch: April 20, 2018

Social Media / Messaging Apps

Facebook Usage Rates Remain Stable After Cambridge Analytica | SocialMediaToday

8 Elements Behind Every Successful Social Media Strategy | SocialMediaToday

3 Brands That Have Successfully Mastered How to Use Social Media to Boost Social Proof | SocialMediaToday

What Comes After The Social Media Empires | Buzzfeed

6 Effective Elements to Add to Your Social Media Strategy | SocialMediaToday

What Instagram Carousel Ads for Stories Mean to Brands | AdWeek

Three brands still killing it on Facebook | MarketingLand

Will Facebook's phased GDPR strategy be enough? | CIO Dive

Teen Vogue is ditching print, but it’s still making ‘magazine’ covers for Snapchat | Digiday

Selfie commerce: Snapchat mixes lenses with shopping | AdAge

The GDPR is coming and will change Facebook ad targeting | Digiday

3 Ways To Monetize Social Media That Actually Work | SocialMediaToday

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 360 Video

Amex cashes in on Coachella with shoppable AR feature | MobileMarketer

Why Isn't Everyone Living in an AR/VR World? | eMarketer

Augmented reality games: Will this summer’s releases be booms or busts? | MarTechToday

Meet the people using VR, AR and smart contact lenses to help the blind see | Wareable

Google’s New VR Tours Let You Experience Imperiled Cultural Sites Around The World | FastCompany

Video / Livestreaming / Podcasting / Music Streaming

4 Ways B2B Marketers Should Be Using Mobile Video | NewsCred

Beyoncé Leads YouTube To Record-Setting 41 Million Viewers On Coachella Streams | TubeFilter

Fake videos could threaten what is left of reality | MarTechToday

Twitter bright spot: Big advertisers like its slate of live shows | Digiday

Six brilliant examples of B2B video content (& why they're so good) | Econsultancy

Facebook Tests Out New Video Format to Boost Communal Viewing and Engagement | SocialMediaToday

Facebook’s ‘Premieres’ video format will let publishers post prerecorded video as live footage | MarketingLand

With Go90 flatlining, Verizon sees Tumblr as home to original digital video programs | Digiday

IoT / Wearables / Technology / AI / Chatbots / Apps / Gaming / Voice / Blockchain

IBM Is Betting on Blockchain to Provide Transparency in Media Buying | AdWeek

Study: 71% of voice searchers don't make purchases | MobileMarketer

Bark releases 'Chews Your Own Adventure' chatbot | MobileMarketer

Voice agents and interfaces will require many new marketing strategies | MarTechToday

Amazon’s Patent Filing Suggests Future ‘Alexa’ Could Analyze Your Conversations | DesignTEXI

Johnson & Johnson Is Using Pollen Data to Push Into Voice-Based Marketing | AdWeek

How Marketing Through Voice Technology Will Put Savvy Brands Ahead of the Curve | AdWeek

Amazon’s new ‘Alexa Blueprints’ let anyone create custom Alexa skills and responses | TechCrunch

Hey Alexa, Where's My Package? | eMarketer

Will the rise of voice search kill off screen-based search marketing? | Econsultancy

Branding / Marketing / Advertising / Ecommerce / SEO

Reddit Now Has as Many Users as Twitter, and Far Higher Engagement Rates | SocialMediaToday

Study: Brands with a purpose grow 2x faster than others | MarketingDive

5 Steps to Find Your Brand Voice | Content Marketing Institute

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