Hudson Cutler & Co
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Hudson Cutler's partners and staff bring decades of experience and a broad range of expertise. We are a cross-generational, multi-cultural group of recovering big agency execs, entrepreneurs and content creators.


Robert Dowling


Robert Dowling ensures Hudson Cutler applies the right ideas to your biggest business challenges and drives results that beat your expectations. And if Hudson Cutler can’t, he’ll come to your house on Saturday and clean your bathroom. 


Shawn Amos

Chief Storytelling Officer

Shawn grew up in nightclubs and sound stages in Hollywood and attended NYU film school. He's spent his life creating stories for media companies and brands big and small. Shawn also preaches the blues as The Reverend Shawn Amos.


Lavanya DJ

Managing Director

Lavanya DJ is a communications executive with over 15 years of storytelling experience. She brings a deep understanding of the global media landscape, and an addiction to getting a ton of stuff done fast.  


Irene Hong

Director of Operations

Irene is a seasoned luxury marketer and account executive with global agency experience. She has lead cross-functional teams from creative, production, finance and third party vendors. Her experience in delivering programs from ideation to execution is only second to her gift-wrapping ability.


Michael Thibodeau

Art Director

Michael is a well-known creative leader and a powerful brand developer. His passion is connecting with brilliant clients, working together to formulate a unique vision and creating new marketing opportunities. With more than 25 years of experiences, Michael has partnered with hundreds of worldwide brands, including UPS, MSN, edX, Marriott International and CARE.


Saori 'Sally' Russell


Sally has over a decade's worth of digital and print experience. She began her career as a designer for the Mazda RX-8 launch press kit with Australian advertising agency, Amnesia. She is a co-owner of Z-Grade, a rare and eclectic online store, and gets her inspiration from traveling, eating, and cooking great food. 


Christine Lusey

Social Media Strategist

Christine's been guiding clients through the social media landscape for several years, including stints at pioneering content company Freshwire and FleishmanHillard. She's worked with consumer brands, professional service firms, and boutique retailers. She's also written articles spanning the pop culture universe for various outlets.


Jennie Cini

Social Media Lead

Jennie is a creative and strategic marketing specialist with 20+ years media experience and a solid understanding of substance vs. fluff. She has designed and executed successful programs for multiple brands while wirking at Viacom, NBC, AOL and, most recently LinkedIn. When she’s not wizarding with Hudson Cutler, you can find her making music with her band Sun Hollow Sun.


Adam Snow

Video Producer

In his over ten years of brand marketing experience, Adam has worked with small start-ups (Notion, Bhakti Chai) and large national and international companies (Pepsi, Arrow ECS, Kellogg’s, Wendy's).


Drew Knapp


Drew is a published author and communications professional with experience across social, media and content development. His experience includes the Kennedy Institute of Ethics and professional services firms.


Anna Malkotsis


Anna is a strategic communications specialist with a keen eye for trends. Her previous experiences included managing social media at Inc. magazine and collaborating with the PR team at Coach. She takes pleasure in teaching yoga and asking Siri to find “the nearest dessert place near me.”